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  1. 1: Evaluate Camp Site for Leveling Camper.  If needed, use wood blocks under tire to help level camper out.  Once Camper is level (or close to level).
  2. 2: Detach Chain and Light Plug from Camper to Your Vehicle
  3. 3: Unhook Trailer from Vehicle, crank up dolly jack and pull Vehicle out of way.
  4. 4: Adjust Dolly Jack so the bubble on the Level is low – just past the line.
  5. 5: Drop down two back Stabilizer Jacks.  (Some models need a crank and it will be in cupboard just inside of the door or in the trunk of the 10’ Camper)  Make sure jacks have blocks of wood underneath them.
  6. 6: Crank Dolly Jack back up so the front is above the level – just past the line.
  7. 7: Drop down two front Stabilizer Jacks.  Do not take tires off ground.
  8. 8: Unlatch Four Latches on Camper
  9. 9: Crank Camper Up.  It will stop when fully extended.  Optional:  unzip awning and let roll to the ground before cranking up.
  10. 10: Pull out Both Ends of Trailer (Beds)
  11. 11: On Outside of Camper Install Bed Support Arms located underneath beds. (Two on Each End)
  12. 12: Inside Camper -- Flip Sink Over
  13. 13: Flip Ceiling Brace up over bed into position and also the T-Brace

(Be sure to do this first before doing step #14)

  1. 14: On Outside, Pull corners of canvas down over bed corners.
  2. 15: Fasten Bungie Straps on Outside of Trailer Under Bed Area
  3. 16: Drop Screen Door Down from Ceiling into Place
  4. 17: Set Up Table
  5. 18: Pull Plug Out and Plug into Power Source.  This will enable Refrigerator and A/C to operate. (A/C must be plugged into outlet inside camper as well)
  6. Leaving Power Plug plugged into your vehicle while camping may cause your vehicle battery to go dead.




  1. 1: Unplug Power Source and A/C
  2. 2: Drop Table Down
  3. 3: Put Screen Door Up into Ceiling and Fasten
  4. 4: Pull/Close Privacy Curtains on Beds
  5. 5: Unfasten Bungie Straps on Outside of Trailer Under Bed Area
  6. 6: Outside Camper, Loosen corners of canvas from bed area.
  7. 7: Remove Ceiling Braces above Beds & Lay on Beds
  8. 8: Flip Sink Over
  9. 9: Unfasten Bed Support Arms at Both Ends of Trailer
  10. 10: Shove Beds In
  11. 11: Tuck In Canvas
  12. 12: Crank Down  to about 1’
  13. 13: Tuck Canvas In Again
  14. 14: Drop Top Completely Down
  15. Put Crank into Storage Bag in Cupboard inside Camper or in Front Trunk
  16. 15: Latch Four Latches
  17. 16: Put four Corner Stabilizers Back Up
  18. 17: Hook Trailer to Vehicle
  19. 18: Attach Chain and Light Plug
  20. 19: Crank up Dolly Wheel and Swivel into Travel Position

NOTE:  Be sure when storing gear, etc in camper when camper is closed that you do not damage the faucet on the sink that is hanging upside down.